A new development home is a great way to grow the community and allow your family a fresh start. Moving into a new development means that you and your neighbors will grow your community together and establish the tone of your neighborhood for others to want to be a part of. However, moving into a new development and building a home that will be a part of a larger development can be daunting. Here’s a look at that process, and some tips to get you through it.

NuStar is Utah’s premier home construction company. We can fix, change, and build a home to make it exactly as you’ve always dreamed. We love new home development, and want to build new communities that will make an impact. We are located in Riverton, Utah and build in the Salt Lake and Utah Valleys. We’ve been around for over 10 years, so you can be sure that we will give you great service alongside our expertise.

Pros and Cons of New Developments

Like any big purchase, buying a new home in a developing area has its advantages and disadvantages. Given the amount of money that you need to spend on a home, you want to make sure that you have weighed all of your options, and you are comfortable moving or starting your life in a new development.


As with building any new home, you are able to work with a builder to customize your home. You can add upgraded appliances, specific wiring, granite countertops, hardwood floor, your personal color palette, and much more. These upgrades can typically be negotiated into the price of your home and you will save a lot of money on these things now, rather than needing to add these upgrades to a home that is already built.

It is probably safe to say that most new homes are up to date with the latest and greatest in style and in technology. New materials has allowed builders to make more environmentally efficient homes, lowering energy costs, and taking some strain off of the environment. This also means brand new systems, so maintenance costs are practically non-existent when you move into a new home and for a few years after.


Unfortunately, new homes come at a price. A price that is up to 20% more than for a similar home that has already been built. All of the upgrades can really add up. Wanting the best, most luxurious home can definitely cost you.

Another downfall of new development homes is the resell value. While the area is being developed, it is very hard to sell your home because there are plenty of new homes available that people will go for instead. You can incur a heavy loss if you move into a new development and need to sell in the next few years. New developments can also be far from necessities like schools, stores, gas stations, and work. This could lead to increased transportation costs while the area gains some traction over the next several years.

Those looking for a big, spacious yard, big trees, and a quiet neighborhood probably won’t find it in new development. Homes are closer together, and trees have only just begun to start growing. Although there is the customization factor of where those trees will grow, it could be decades before they turn into the amazing trees that you wanted to view from your home when you moved in. Finally, a new neighborhood will have a lot of construction. If you are one of the first to move in, there will likely be construction for several years because the community has to be built.

Building in Utah

Luckily, Utah has a lot of space outside of the big cities for people to purchase land and build the home of their dreams. Areas like Riverton, Tooele, and Syracuse all have ample space for new homes, and will allow you to have the big, beautiful backyard that you want.

These areas are growing fast, however. Utah is one of the country’s fastest growing states, and urban areas are flourishing. Unfortunately, you might have to go a little way out of Salt Lake City to build your dream home, but the extra drive is worth it when you love the home you’re in.

If you want an alternative to building in a development, there is always the option to buy land and work with a builder to create a unique home for you. This way, you can choose the location and the look of your property. However, it is at the expense of being part of a neighborhood community.

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