New Home Construction Timeline

Building a new home is an exciting process, but also one that can be rather daunting. It takes months to complete your build, but is very rewarding in the end. NuStar Construction is Utah’s premier home builder, and we want to give you the home that you’ve always wanted. Let’s take a look at the home building process, and the timeline you can expect while building.

Getting Ready

To start, you must first design your home. If you are moving into a new development, this is much easier because the builder will likely have a selection of models to choose from for your selected lot in the development. If you do not want to move into a development, or you want to be a part of a development without model restrictions, you will need to pick a home model or solicit help from an architect to help you design your home.

This process can take as long as you need it to. It can be hard deciding what type of home you want. You should take your time, as your home will serve you for decades to come, and you want to make the right choices for you and your family. This is also the stage where you will start to get an idea of how much building your home is going to cost you.

Next, you must purchase your lot, whether that is in a development or not. Like with the design process, you should take your time assessing your lot options to make sure you are comfortable with where you are.

Finally, you must qualify for a mortgage, apply and receive proper building permits, and pick out the interior and exterior of the home. Because bureaucracy can slow things down, this can take several weeks.

Breaking Ground and Beginning to Build

Before anything else can be done, your lot must be prepared for your home. Electric, water, sewage, and gas sources must be placed in order to give your new home utilities, and the ground needs to be prepared for your home’s foundation. This can take a week or two, or even longer depending on availability of utility companies, and the geology of your property.

Laying the foundation of your home is without a doubt the most important part for the structural integrity of your future residence. The foundation, along with supports, and framing for your home will be installed next. This process should take roughly a month, because without proper structure and framing, your house will not be safe.

Next, before a builder can really make this house into your home, they must fill in the frames with the proper equipment to allow your home to serve your needs. Electrical wiring, water and gas lines, and sewage removal systems will be installed in your home. This series of utilities should take about two weeks to install and make function.

Making A Home

Now it is time to watch your home take its real shape. By this point, it is time to install drywall, flooring, and other added details such as crown molding, and baseboards. This is also the time that cabinets will be installed, and your home will really begin to look like one. This step could take anywhere from two weeks to a month or more depending on the availability of contractors that will do all of the installations.

Finally, the last step is appliance delivery. Now that you have a brand-new home, and cabinets to put them with, your appliances will be installed in your home. Hopefully, this process won’t take more than a week, and you can start finishing up the details of your home and reach your end goal: closing.

This entire process can take anywhere from three months, to a year depending on your needs and your quickness in deciding what you will need. Before you build, ask your builder what sort of timeline you can expect from them, and as always, prepare for plans to change.

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