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The Wasatch Front has seen exponential growth in the past few decades, and Bluffdale is no exception. Located on the east side of I-15 by the Point of the Mountain, Bluffdale has a lot to offer residents and homeowners alike. In fact, Bluffdale is positioned perfectly between Salt Lake City to the north and Utah County to the south, allowing for many employment opportunities and easy commutes.

At NuStar Construction, we have been at the forefront of the growth in Utah. New home construction in Bluffdale has been popular for home buyers because of the many job and recreation opportunities the city has to offer. Before you contact us to schedule an appointment, let us fill you in on what Bluffdale has to offer.

About Bluffdale, Utah

Bluffdale is positioned along the west side of I-15 near the Point of the Mountain. With a lot of new home construction, it should be no surprise that the city has been growing exponentially. In fact, the National Security Agency (NSA) has a large data center in Bluffdale. The data center is located inside Camp Williams, a National Guard training site.

Better yet, Bluffdale’s location allows residents a plethora of employment opportunities. Utah has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation, and the growth along the Wasatch Front has given residents a number of employment opportunities. Lehi, which is only minutes away from Bluffdale, has become the center of Utah’s technology sector with companies like Adobe opening up centers in the city.

New Home Construction in Utah

NuStar Construction has been at the forefront of the growth all along the Wasatch Front, including Bluffdale. New home construction is thriving in this area, and at NuStar Construction, we have a uniquely detailed process to ensure every home buyer gets exactly what they desire out of their home.

NuStar New Home Construction Process:

  • Initial Consultation with NuStar
  • Choosing the Home’s Site Location
  • Lot Purchase
  • Initial Meeting with Designer and Architect
  • Plan Review and Finalization
  • Pricing Planning
  • Sign Contract
  • Send Documents to Lender and Appraiser
  • City Acceptance and Permit Process
  • Pre-Construction Meeting
  • Begin New Home Construction
  • Construction Completion
  • Warranty and Customer Care Process

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With all the growth happening in Bluffdale and surrounding areas, new home construction doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. If you are looking for a new home in Bluffdale, NuStar is here to help. Contact us online, or simply call us at 801.523.8499, to schedule an appointment with NuStar Construction today!